Meet the fabulous IC Printing Team!

Meet the IC Printing Team!

You can order your print online now. How easy is that?! You can upload your designs and within a few days, you receive your items. Wowsers! But… who does the work? You never know. And you can’t be certain they know what they’re doing.

And that’s why you should consider using IC Printing.

We’ve got a small but perfect team based in Hook, Hampshire. You can visit us if you like! We can talk about print, or we can talk about real ale, cricket, football, interior design or travelling. Our team has varied interests, as well as knowing the print industry inside out.

Les, one of the Directors, has never worked in another trade. He did a 5-year apprenticeship in Glasgow and he is an expert at the pre-print process. He loves to travel, in fact he might be the one to deliver your order! He’s always racing around to see clients, but he also loves a trip to the sunshine! (It must be his Glaswegian roots)

Keith, our other Director, did a 6-year apprenticeship, in Camberley. He’s an aficionado in print. He’s also an aficionado in real ale. I’m pretty sure he’s happy to talk about either of those topics. Although he ventured out of the industry for a very short spell, he came back with enthusiasm and hasn’t looked back since.

Mark, who has been in the design department of IC Printing for over 20 years, also started his career with an apprenticeship. He’s never wanted to do anything other than design and he is brilliant at what he does! He’s also an excellent guitarist and is in a rock band – check them out – – you can see where their next gig is and become a groupie if you like.

Lee was a printing apprentice in the 80s, as well as being a BMX racer. He has continued to work with print and finishing, but no longer competes on his BMX. There have been far fewer injuries in his 30 plus years of working in printing than the few years riding his bike. He spends his time away from IC with his Finnish wife (She’s from Finland, not another print finisher) and young family. He loves music, mostly indie and rock.

Steve was a C&G apprentice and has over 40 years in the print trade, some of which was in sales, some in estimating and planning. He works our impressive Heidelberg machine. He also supports Arsenal Football Club, so at least he has a quality machine at his workplace. He worked as a printer in Australia for about 10 years and said that the only difference is that Hook isn’t as warm as Perth. Fair point.

So, if you would like your print project taken care of by our team at IC Printing, you can trust that it’s in the hands of a group with many, many years of experience. We know our trade and you can be certain we’ll look after your print run. Give us a call! 01256 760276 or email us on